Patio Designs Create an Escape in Your Own Backyard

May 6, 2013

A patio is a designated area for relaxing, dining and kicking back in the pleasant weather. Adding a patio transforms an everyday backyard into an outdoor escape. The right atmosphere and furniture create a place where everyone wants to unwind on warm days and evening.

Decide a convenient location for your patio. Strategic placement of your patio ensures it will get the most use. A patio should be accessible to areas of your home such as the kitchen or restroom. Nobody wants to carry items from the kitchen hundreds of feet to have a snack on the patio. You will also want guests to get to the restroom without tracking dirt through your home.

Figure out what you want to do on your patio. The basic design of your patio is based on what you want to do there. A gravel or sand patio is ideal for sunbathing and relaxing. A stone patio is better for dining and poolside areas. Review your options with a professional landscaper or mason to make the right decision.

Choose the stonework for your patio. Modern patios are much more than a simple concrete slab. There are an array of different stones and colors to choose from. Create an oasis in your backyard by using the right elements for your patio area. Different stonework is used for dining areas, poolside patios and barbecue zones.

Consider patio furniture and accessories. Once you decide the type of patio you want, start decorating. Create a homey area right outside your backdoor. Add a table, chair and loungers so there are places to sit. Permanent patio benching can also be installed. Choose accessories such as a fire pit or barbecue grill. Include solar lighting to illuminate the area at night.

Add flowers and greenery to your patio space. A patio is prettier when you include plants and flowers. Use containers to add flowering plants to the corners of your patio. Plant a low-lying garden around your patio. Discuss creative ideas with a landscape designer for a posher patio.

Always hire a landscaping company or mason to install your patio so you are completely satisfied. A professional builds your patio to ensure all types of weather and entertaining conditions.

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