Landscape Design Services

The experts at The Leibfred Landscaping, Construction and Realty Groupworks with you to create beautiful spaces for your home and business. Modern landscape design incorporates hardscapes and softscapes to create a functional and beautiful environment. Let our professionals transform your property into an alluring outdoor oasis.

Landscape Design Services

It takes more than planting flower beds or mowing the lawn to give your property curb appeal. The Leibfred Landscaping, Construction and Realty Group offers superior landscape construction projects to make your outdoor space beautiful and sustainable. We cater to the needs of residential, commercial, and environmental customers in the Bergen and Passaic County areas of northern New Jersey. From your front yard to your business courtyard, our team transforms all types of properties.

Our Landscape Services Include

  • Softscapes

    Softscapes can be permanent, semi-permanent and temporary. They usually involve the use of organic matter and plants used to beautify your surroundings. The strategic placement of softscapes adds color and texture to your property. The professionals at Leibfred Landscaping add softscapes to your property, such as:

    • Grass and Sod
    • Trees and Shrubs
    • Flowers and Plants
    • Soil and Rock Gardens

    Thoughtful landscape construction can increase the usability and value of your property. For example, a patio is a perfect place for relaxing and entertaining. Lush grass provides a backdrop for your other softscapes.

  • Hardscapes

    Modern landscape designs are attractive, practical and functional. They take into consideration issues such as pests and drainage. Landscape construction includes both hardscapes and softscapes. Hardscapes are permanent fixtures on your property. Often they serve functional purposes that involve access to certain areas. Our team provides expert landscape construction, including:

    • Patios and Decks
    • Driveways and Walkways
    • Stairs and Bridges
    • Decorative and Retaining Walls

  • Landscape Construction

    It takes more than planting flower beds and keeping up the lawn to give your home or business curb appeal. Our landscape construction services take into account rocks, dirt, pavement, and other softscape features to provide you with a beautiful yard.

Our Landscape Design Process

When you hire The Leibfred Landscaping, Construction and Realty Group for your landscape design needs, we will:

Schedule A Consultation
  1. Assess your residential or commercial property to review the architectural, artistic, and environmental updates to make based on your personal preferences.

  2. Discuss your outdoor goals, such as a patio for entertaining, a play area for children, or a haven for wildlife.

  3. Offer creative and educated advice about the best ways to use your space for gracious outdoor living.

  4. Help you select the ideal plants, flowers, walkways, and more to make your outdoor area practical and attractive.

  5. Review your financial situation to ensure the landscaping design fits into your personal budget.

  6. Offer direction about pest control, drainage, and more to avoid costly mistakes in the future.

  7. Present a plan so you can make the final decision about the landscape design for your home or business.

  8. Provide a maintenance plan to keep your landscape design looking good throughout the seasons of the year.

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