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Since its founding in 1992, Leibfred Landscaping, Construction and Realty Group has grown into the thriving business that it is today because of the knowledge, professionalism and dependability owner Michael Leibfred has provided to his customers. With over 30 years of hands-on experience in landscaping, design, and construction, Michael built a company and team that’s recognized for its superior quality and attention to detail, unmatched in the residential and commercial space.

Born to be a business owner, Michael was asked to become a partner at his job after working only 5 years in the industry. Since then, he has built a lasting company he’s proud of because of the level of organization and partnership he’s been able to bring into every assignment. 

Today, Leibfred Landscaping, Construction and Realty Group is even stronger as it has joined forces with Joe Landon, owner of PEL Property Development, who has 17 years of experience in construction and real estate. Joe takes pride in building and designing all types of home improvements. He has a passion for renovating distressed homes and converting them for families looking to live their American dream.

Michael and Joe joined forces as a result of their shared ambition to help others. With an unrivaled skill set in property development and beautification, their collaboration is also characterized by shared core values, which include honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic.

Professionalism, organization, and partnership are all uncompromising attributes that continue to set Leibfred Landscaping, Construction, and Realty Group on a trajectory of success and continuous expansion. Our main goal is to provide customers with the property improvements and real estate services they need. We’ll continue to improve our process so that we get 100% customer satisfaction every time. 

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